Mario Trujillo - An Open Letter to the Families of Downey

The past months have proven challenging for us all. We have had to make dramatic changes to our personal and professional lives we never believed necessary. What I have witnessed here in our great city during these times has been nothing short of amazing. I admire your courage and your compassion. This is why I love Downey and its people. This is why I am proud to call Downey my home. And this is why I am running for office.

I chose to undertake this campaign because, as your councilman, my experience in education, business, and the justice system will make a real difference for our families. You deserve an advocate that puts your interests first. I will do just that. You. Have. My. Word. 

I will work hard, be responsive, and provide the level of leadership needed during uncertain times. With your support, we can together build a dynamic community and provide each citizen with an ever-improving quality of life. 

Thank you.

Mario Trujillo

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