One the Issues

Downey Priorities

Mario Trujillo has prepared his entire life to address the issues and challenges confronting Downey families and businesses today and in the future.


The pandemic has ravaged our schools. It is incumbent upon city government to support students, teachers, administrators, and parents as they navigate through a new reality. As community leaders, we must help foster opportunities for students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.


Our city has answered the call as the COVID-19 crisis consumed our daily lives by providing information and programs that help lessen the hardships faced by Downey residents and businesses. As our voice on city council, Mario will ensure the city will remain responsive in meeting any health-related challenges that arise.

Small business recovery and growth

Our small businesses have been decimated, employees furloughed or terminated. It is the city’s responsibility to develop a plan of action focused on recovery. As a businessman, Mario will bring a unique perspective to city council, one that will contribute to bringing our economy back and luring new investment.

Safer neighborhoods, streets, and parks

Downey is a safe city. This is due in no small part to our dedicated public safety forces. As a LA County deputy district attorney, Mario understands the importance of providing our first responders with the support necessary to be effective.



As a child, it was his single mother’s passion for community and justice that influenced Mario the most. From her, he learned the value of education and standing up for the rights of all citizens. His upbringing served as the foundation for successful careers as a primary and college-level teacher and a respected county deputy district attorney.